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I was having no problem getting an erection, but I would lose it right in the middle of sex. I asked my doctor and he asked me if I wanted to try Generic for Viagra and I said yes. I got it from IservePharmacy, and I will never forget the first time I tried it. My wife and I both loved it. I get erections like I used to do before and I'm also able to keep them long enough to follow through until the end.

Harry, Virginia

I am a 27 and never thought I would suffer from erectile dysfunction. I started noticing Generic for Viagra pills on the Internet, so I ordered some from Iserve Pharmacy. I thought I would have to deal with ED for the rest of my life, but now I would recommend Generic for Viagra to anyone curious enough to try it. And hopefully we will see your positive results posted on this site with the rest of ours.

Carson, Missouri

I have had moderate/severe erectile dysfunction for two years. One day I was browsing and saw a Generic for Viagra ad on I was very hesitant at the beginning but then I ordered Generic for Viagra and it turned out that everything they said was true. An initial dose of 50 mg of Generic for Viagra two months ago brought moderate success, so I talked to my doctor and he increased the dosage to 100 mg and told me check back with him. I did got back to him, but this time with the good news that it was as if I had no ED at all

Max, New York

If someone had told me that ED would affect me, me, a woman, I would have never believed them. But when my boyfriend started going through the symptoms, I had to change my mind. Thankfully, I got proactive and convinced him to try generic for Viagra. Now, we both can put the throes of impotence behind.

Anna, California